Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wig Shopping

I have less than two weeks before my hair will fall out.   No's just going to start appearing in clumps on the pillow and in the shower plughole.

So - definitely time to get on with selecting a super new wig.
Luckily, a nurse at the hospital recommended a wonderful boutique which provides everything I will need, not just wigs and head coverings but, later on, also the prosthesis and mastectomy underwear and swimming costumes.  It made such a difference having an appointment in a calm and relaxing environment and being able to take my time trying on wigs and other headgear. 

Have some fun and try some different styles and colours - it transforms you!  The wigs themselves are amazing, with highlights and convincing hair strands, netting that holds it securely and a fine mesh under the parting to show your scalp rather than stitching.  I was worried about the wind (imagine it blowing off down the street, oh, the humiliation!) but I was assured that it would stay in place in wind or even if I lean over.  

In the end I went with the familiar and stuck with my usual hair colour (though for once my summer sun highlights won't fade this year).  Take lots of photos!  It really helps to compare the different options without having to constantly put them on.  

I found two wigs I liked, both a little shorter than my usual bob style so they tuck in to the nape of my neck which the assistant suggested might be easier when the weather gets cooler and I start wearing scarves.  Also, when I have a few centimetres of hair growth again, the wig will start to slide and won't be able to wear it anymore.  So I will have some time with very short hair and there will be less of a contrast than if I'd gone for a longer wig.

Then we looked at the array of headgear to wear when I don't want to wear a wig.  There are so many options, many quite stylish, though I must admit that they all made me feel a bit as if I looked like a sick person.  One option was to buy a base cap and then choose scarves to tie around it, this was appealing as it would be possible to change the look without spending too much (this stuff does add up).  Then there were turban type options with bands that tied from the front to the back.  In the end I chose a silk bonnet, which had quite a lot of volume to make it look like there might be hair underneath and a matching silk scarf to tie around the band.

Finally, I bought a warm skull cap to wear at night - bald heads get cold.

I'm going back next weekend with my daughter who wants to help me choose between the two wig contenders...and then they will shave my head.  In the end, I decided not to wait to find hair around the house, this way is empowering for me and better for my vacuum cleaner...

Verdict - take a good friend, get loads of photos and have a giggle.  Yes, losing my hair is going to be awful.  But it doesn't mean we can't have some laughs as well.

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