Wednesday, 28 January 2015

It Takes Time to Get Better

Monday lunchtime and my body was begging for an afternoon nap.  I told it, quite firmly, that the days of lunchtime naps were over as I was much better now and I'd better get on with some work instead.  So I sat down in front of the computer with a cup of tea.

Forty five minutes later my head jerked up when my phone went off - I'd fallen asleep in my chair.

After last week's burst of energy, I had thought I'd kicked chemo's butt (as they say).  But my friend - a two-times veteran of breast cancer - looked at me sympathetically and said, "You are getting better.  But it isn't a linear progression.  You have to listen to your body and be kind to yourself'.

Wise words.  It's true that I am definitely better: if I need something from the bedroom I don't look at the stairs and wonder if I can get up there.  Last week I even had a few days of zipping around with something like my old energy.  But after a busy-ish weekend, my body demands a reboot.

I realised that I need to stop looking at these few weeks between chemo and radiotherapy as a chance to catch up on everything....and more as a few weeks to rest and prepare for the next round.

Better go, I'm off for a quick nap.

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