Saturday, 28 February 2015

This is Me - Going Out

This is me, getting ready for an evening out with friends.

Wig no longer an option as getting too itchy but hair no-where near public scrutiny.  So choose headscarf to go with my nice green dress.

Put on nice green dress.  Realise nice green dress does not look so nice over white cotton T shirt that radiologist insist that I wear next to skin during radiotherapy.  Look through stuff and find black vest top that will not show and is also 100% cotton.  But not white!  Radiologist specified white!!  What will BLACK do to my vulnerable skin???? Decide that this is ridiculous and put on black vest top with nice green dress on top.  Readjust headscarf which is now attractively over one ear showing lots of stubble on other side.

Look in mirror.  Nice green dress is too figure hugging and shows lopsided shape of chest area (cannot wear bra and prosthesis during radiotherapy).  Experiment with pretty scarf around neck to hide flat bit.  Realise that pretty scarf around neck + headscarf = fortune telling gypsy look.  Do not want to spend evening reading people's palms.  Take off pretty scarf.  Experiment with pinning onto black vest the fake cushion boob provided by hospital after operation.  One boob now weirdly high, the other depressingly saggy.  Lovely.  Not.  Plus weirdly high boob fairly obviously....well... a cushion.

Take off nice green dress and headscarf and start over.

Eventually find baggyish top worn over black vest with re-pinned cushion boob and matching headscarf.  All in purple shades so also matches the purple lines drawn on my chest for radiotherapy that show around collarbone.  Look obsessively coordinated.

Drawn in eyebrows and paint liquid eyeliner on top eyelid to compensate for absent lashes.  Realise I haven't used liquid eyeliner since I was teenager.  Look like I have two black eyes.  Can't tell I'm lashless though ;).  Wash off and try again.

Hallelujah!  I am ready to go out.  End up arriving late because husband was not ready.  Seriously???

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