Friday, 24 July 2015

Not the Usual Facebook Photos

I had a Facebook Self Pity moment this morning.

I made the mistake of checking Facebook and found endless photos of friends on sunkissed beaches with tanned, happy kids.  Seriously people, how many photos of turquoise seas entitled 'View from breakfast' do you think I can take?

Let  me share my Facebook Photos.

Photo 1: A mountain of boxes surrounded by  a sea of stuff in a storm of chaos.  We are moving country again.

Photo 2: Car being hauled up onto a tow truck.  Yup, that's the car that my husband needs at the weekend to start shifting the box mountain back across the Channel.  The car broke down on Monday.  The day before Belgian National Day when EVERYTHING closes.

Photo 3: Husband on the phone trying to find garage to fix car.  All garages in Brussels are closed until August because...everyone in Brussels is now on holiday.  Probably on a sunkissed beach with a breakfast view.

Photo 4: Daughter looking miserable on sofa.  She should be at the zoo with friends but is stuck home with ear ache.  Can we find a doctor who hasn't gone on holiday?  Can we heck.  Those sunkissed beaches must be seriously crowded by now.

Photo 5: This one's a selfie - me shaking in my shoes outside my oncologist's office waiting for my check up after my scary mammogram last week.  My husband was due to be with me, but is now at home looking after sick daughter and on the phone trying get either a mechanic or a doctor not on holiday.

Like my album? But of course, none of this really matters.  This level of crap doesn't compare with last July when we were stuck at home doing tests after my biopsy found cancer cells in my breast. (Oh and my daughter had to be hospitalised with a serious break in her arm in the middle of it all).  I think I can cope with a broken down car and earache despite the box chaos.

And honestly, being on a sunkissed beach can't compare with the high of being told by your oncologist that the tests have found nothing worse than a low vitamin D level.

After all, life is made up of good things and bad.  I'm lucky that I'm still here to live it, warts and all.

Besides, one more week and we'll be on holiday too.

I promise not to post any photos.

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