Sunday, 7 September 2014

Having The Head Shave

I'm now officially a One-Boobed And No Hair Babe.

Yesterday I went and had The Shave... and I'm pleased to say that I shed no tears as my hair fell.  We made it a family outing so that my 8 year old daughter could help me choose a wig and I think this was a good way of dealing with something that might have seemed pretty scary otherwise - i.e. Mummy arriving home looking like Someone Else.  But I was also glad that I'd spent a couple of hours there looking at wigs the previous week as the children's attention span was definitely not that long.

My husband took the kids away for the actual shave and my daughter shed a few tears on my behalf before she went ('This is the last time I'll see you looking like this, Mummy!').  Then the wonderful lady at the boutique gently started shaving my head at the back so it wasn't too brutal a transformation.  I opted to keep the mirror but we chatted as she worked and I can honestly say that it wasn't too bad watching my bald, bristly head emerge (and I was dreading this part).

I have read some terrible stories about people finding clumps of hair on the pillow, or trying on sunglasses in a shop and handfuls of hair coming away, so I would definitely recommend getting it shaved in a sympathetic setting before it even starts to fall.  

And then came the fun part!  I loved both the wigs I had selected so I let my daughter make the final decision and she cheered up a lot.  

I also found a  super cute hat with a peak that completely disguises the lack of hair and is perfect for taking walks in the park when I don't want to wear the wig.

The turban I bought last time, however, hasn't worked out so well now that I'm actually bald.  I think my mistake was buying something in a floaty, flowing style completely different from anything I might ever wear normally.  While obviously I wouldn't normally cover my head at all, I have now managed to tie one of my existing scarves around my baldie head in a way that feels a bit funkier to me.  Perhaps the lesson is to buy the minimum until you are actually bald and then see what works (I couldn't manage to tie the scarf at all while I still had loads of hair in the way).

And then the ultimate test: straight to a social event with my new wig on my head (and me fighting the urge to take it off when I went indoors because it felt like a hat).  Everyone was very complimentary and thought it looked good.  Or at least they said so in a pretty convincing manner.  And I think it must look alright because my friend's 8 year old son had to have a good look before he would believe it was wig...and kids usually tell it pretty straight.

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