Friday, 12 September 2014

Wigged and Boobed: Getting the Prosthesis

After one more trip down to the lovely boutique providing Everything For a Lady with Breast Cancer, I am delighted to announce that I am now fully wigged and boobed.

The wig I bought at the weekend has worked out very well indeed; I've even had compliments for my new hair style from people who don't know about the Cancer.  So I went back this week to pick up my new mammary prosthesis.

Getting the prosthesis didn't take long as there wasn't much choice: apparently I can't get one that sticks to your skin until I've completed all the treatment.  I was, in any case, rather cynical as to whether that actually works - can it really retain it's stickiness?  Imagine the humiliation if it fell off!  But I was reassured that they do work well, especially for someone small breasted like me and with a scar that has healed neatly.

In any case, for now I have a silicon gel prosthesis that slips into a pocket in a mastectomy bra.  The only choice was whether to take one slightly smaller or one slightly larger than my remaining breast.  A no-brainer, I figured.

Then onto the fun part!  I chose new bras, which do need to be a little sturdier than what I usually wear, but don't feel grandma-ish.  And my new swimming costume is super-cute, no-one would ever guess that it is a mastectomy costume.

Finally, I took my new boob out for a test drive.  

Being small breasted has made it relatively easy to disguise the mastectomy over the last few weeks, simply by not wearing a bra and padding out the missing side with a cushion-boob pinned inside baggy clothes.  But the price was that I had almost no shape at all.  So it was great to be able to slip into my old tops again and fill them out properly.  Most of my old wardrobe is wearable again, with the exception of strapless evening wear, and one or two tops might need adjusting as the new bra is quite large and tends to show.

The prosthesis isn't heavy at all, the bras are comfortable, and my 8 year old daughter snuggled in for a cuddle and declared it to be suitably squishy.   After wearing it most of the day, the scar can feel a little uncomfortable but I think that will pass in time.

So all in all, a great success.  And I can't wait to try out my new costume...

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