Friday, 17 October 2014

Nothing Like Chemo Day to Get Things in Perspective

This week my white blood cells were cooperating so I was able to go in for my third chemo session yesterday.

Although I was glad to be getting on with it, I had a heavy heart as I trooped up to the hospital floor I know all too well and got assigned my room.  After four weeks off I have been feeling really well the last few days and I wasn't looking forward to going through it all over again.

I have to say my hospital set up is very civilised though: while I've heard of people being hooked up in huge wards with lots of other people at the same time, we just share a double room with en-suite bathroom and our own TV that you can listen to with headphones.  In the other bed when I arrived, was a lovely lady with a sunny smile.

Turns out that she has ovarian cancer and her tumour is too large to operate or they risk spreading the cancer further.  So she is having chemo first to shrink the tumour before surgery.  Only it isn't responding.  So they keep having to try different regimes: she has now had 17 sessions of chemo and she still has a great big tumour on her ovary.

Sometimes people ask me how I can stay positive after a mastectomy and having to go through all these treatments.  But my tumour is gone and I only have 6 chemos to get through.  How can I be otherwise when this lady is still smiling?

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