Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why Can't I Sleep After FEC?

Every time it's the same.  The first few evenings after FEC I'm falling asleep on the sofa by 9pm.  I go to bed and fall straight asleep...only to wake at 1am with the blood pounding in my ears, agitated and unable to lie still.  This lasts for a few nights, then seems to wear off and I can sleep again.

I had assumed that this was a side effect of the FEC that gradually wore off.  But it turns out that it is a side effect of the drugs that help you cope with the side effects...  Medrol is the culprit, taken to prevent nausea but creating insomnia.  It fits perfectly: I take Medrol for the first four days and then I stop and that is just when sleep returns.

This, I thought, was good news because I am now done with FEC and the next drug, Taxotere, is not supposed to induce nausea.  Then the oncologist told me that I would still have to take Medrol but this time to prevent allergic reactions.  It is, apparently, mandatory.

Oh well, at least I know what to expect now.  I'll be ready with my soothing music, glass of water and book by the side of the bed.  

I wonder if they will give me drugs to deal with the side effects of the drugs they gave me to deal with the side effects?

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