Monday, 22 December 2014

A Christmas Gift

It's Christmas week, the festive lights are twinkling, there are presents under the tree ...and Santa delivered an early Christmas gift. 

Last week those pesky white blood cells were low again so my doctor prescribed another five day course of Neupogen to stimulate the bone marrow alongside my usual weekly course of Taxol.

So my handy husband has been 'nurse' again, administering the injections in my festively bulging belly, and I have endured a week of Taxol muscle aches plus Neupogen bone pains.  It's been tough, especially during long, painful, sleepless nights.  But it was worth it.

Today I got just what I wanted for Christmas: my blood test result was NORMAL.  That's the first time since I started chemo in August.  And as a bonus gift, my blood pressure (normally very low) was also normal (clearly due to my excellent efforts to increase my salt intake as instructed.  More crisps, please!).

As the pains wear off, I'm feeling good.  It probably won't last too long as I will have chemo again tomorrow but hey, I'm going to enjoy this Christmas bonus as long as I can!

I'm grateful to be in such good shape so near to the end of chemo.  I had never expected to feel such vitality at this point, even if it is just a brief window.  My body seems to be determined to bounce back; I even have a fresh crop of fuzz growing on my baldie head.

Yah-boo cancer - you can get this babe down but you can't keep her there.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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