Wednesday, 24 December 2014

We Will Not Live In Fear

A friend in the Netherlands was recently diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer, ironically her tumour is almost identical to mine.  Her misfortune has been my blessing: I now have a friend to accompany me along this difficult road.

We were emailing each other about the chances of our cancer coming back in the future and I asked the question, "Will we always be afraid?"

This is her beautiful response.

'We will not live in fear, because we will choose not to live in fear. 
We will remember that we once had cancer, but the memory will become softer over the years. 
We will know that there is always a chance that it comes back and we will stay aware, but at the same time shrug our shoulders, because we will realize that we could also be hit by a car the very next day. 
We will make our lives worthwhile and spend our time wisely.
We will love our husbands and children more than ever. 
We will not live in fear, but in appreciation and gratefulness.

We will have a wonderful life, for however long it takes.'

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