Sunday, 6 July 2014

Survival Stats

I can't help adding a postscript to the last post about the news today.

That poor lady with pancreatic cancer was facing a survival rate of just 3%.  In contrast, the article informs me, 85% of breast cancer cases survive at least five years.
That's good news, don't get me wrong.  But I can't help doing the maths.  That means that 15% didn't survive five years.  And presumably some made it that far but not to the ten year mark.

Of course, I've already done enough research to know that there is a big difference between early stage cancer and Stage IV when the cancer has metastasised to the rest of the body.  And they have indicated that I am comfortably in the early stage group.

So why, exactly, are they doing a bone scan on me today?

I won't dwell on that...that way lies madness (and Chemo Fog is quite enough for my poor brain for one morning).

It's just one of those thoughts that come visiting in the dead hours of the night.

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