Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Breast MRI

And so, onto the breast MRI.

I had to strip down to my pants again but at least this time they gave me a gown to cover my modesty.  Then yet another needle (the crook of by elbows are starting to feel like pin cushions).  This was to attach an IV so that they could put a dye in my system to get better images.

Soon afterwards, I was taken through to lie on my front on the machine, which had an opening for my breasts and a place to rest my head, looking downwards.  Several people had told me that an MRI can be horrible because you  feel so enclosed in the tube.  But doing it this way, I was facing down the whole time, always looking into a small plastic hollow, so was barely aware that I had even moved into the tube.  

I had big, clunky earphones over my ears but the noise was still terrible.  No danger of dozing off during this test.  At times it was like lying down in a noisy construction site, at  other times it was more like being in the middle of an inter-galactic space battle.  

I'm not sure how long I was in there, it felt like a long time.  On the whole though, an easier experience than I'd feared.

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